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Community Outreach programme

JNDCT’s Approach Groups of communities with high levels of blindness prevalence are being served by providing world class clinical skills through the state of art technologies and infrastructure.

JNDCT/ DEI team of Doctors and paramedical staff offers specialty screening eye camps in the needy communities to create awareness and education about vision care.

Based on medical necessity all patients referred from the eye camps as well as walk in underprivileged patients needing advanced care are being treated at base hospital for FREE diagnostic services & treatment.

Challenging facts &Statistics Mumbai- India

The major causes of blindness continue to be cataract and refractive errors. Over 18 million people in India are blind due to cataracts and other refractive errors, both of which are easily treatable conditions. In the years to come the absolute numbers will also be on the rise due to poverty and aging of the population.

More than 75% people in INDIA. are either poor or from BPL (Below Poverty Line) Mumbai is a city of extreme contrasts

The worrying fact is 90 lakh Mumbai residents now live in slums having limited access to civic amenities and basic medical facilities against 60 lakh recorded in 2001 census - a 50% increase in a decade.



At JNDCT we provide Total Eye Care services to under-privileged and economically challenged blind patients needing eye care from Mumbai and surrounding area.

•People of all ages irrespective of sex, religion or caste are qualified for or services

•Over 30 NGOs and CBOs recommend needy patients who are provided Total eye care services at JNDCT

•Throughout the history of the trust, no needy person has been ever turned back.

Our services are funded by either donors or through DEI’s contribution towards free services.

people benefited from Free Eye Camps
people treated at Hospital
FOC /Subsidised Cataract surgeries
Free Eye Camps (2013-2017)